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Genius Nutrition® was founded in 2016 in European Union with the motivation to create ultra premium products for all athletes and adapt these products to people’s real needs. The combination of science, the best european technology, real premium quality and innovation meant to achieve a genius level of efficiency. Genius Nutrition® quality products are manufactured using natural premium class raw materials, cross-flow/microfiltrated and ultra-filtrated whey proteins, natural flavours, fermented amino-acids and safe sweetners. This is what allows us to be one of the leading brands in the industry. Whatever you are looking for, our products will improve every single aspect of your life: your training, performance and health. Our premium quality products are manufactured in accordance with the most rigorous and advanced standards of quality. 

Why Genius Nutrition®

1.    Premium quality means premium results.
2.    Natural and healthy ingredients, sweeteners.
3.    Grass-Fed Whey Protein, cfm/ultra and micro-filtrated whey proteins.
4.    Every extract or derivatives used are guaranteed to not be genetically-manipulated and not be treated with harmful herbicides. 
5.    The latest innovations of science are implemented in our products.
6.    We are using only the premium amino-acids derived from 100% naturally fermented process.
7.    The most advanced stage in the development of formulas.
8.    Made in European Union with maximum quality standards.
9.   We care about every little thing, in order to offer the best performance ever.
10.  Genius products are made on a GMP production line and in a HACCP facility