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INTRA-HDTM is coming soon


INTRA-HD™ is absolutely a new generation of professional intra-workout and glycogen repletion product which effectively stop catabolism, increase lean muscle mass recovery and provide a new hardcore level of performance.
INTRA-HD™ is based on the most advanced new carbohydrate from the supplements industry: HDP-Carb™ (Generation 5). 
HDP-Carb is a modified form of waxy maize that actually have 1.5 times higher molecular mass than waxy maze and lower GL than any existing carbohydrate supplement. The molecular mass of 2.200.500 daltons can provide very fast gastric emptying, makes it super efficiet for glycogen replenishing without the side effects of fast carbohydrates. The next part of the succes is increases resting energy expenditure and fat utilization. It does this by lowering a hormone called "glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide" that has been found to increase fat storage and lower the metabolism. This means HDP-Carb™ is first  thermogenic carbohydate because it increases your resting energy expenditure with 70% higher and increases the amount of fat calories that are burned. In other words, you'll actually raise your metabolism while burning more fat and replenishing glycogen.
INTRA-HD™ contains the most important nutrients and plants to provide key ingredients to support a truly hardcore workouts.

INTRA-HD™ - The evolution is here, get it righ now!