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New technologies are coming to Genius Nutrition®


We are innovators in our field and we are always looking to evolve and improve. We value our customers and work hard to make sure we are delivering and manufacturing top quality and revolutionary ingredients. Remember, Genius Nutrition supplements are proven to work, both in the lab and in the field, to help you reach your physique goals. Genius Research® department has a staff of biochemists, dieticians and nutritionists. We constantly works on research and development of existing and new products. Our existing and new products are under control of the Belgian Government, FAVV (Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain). All our products are GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. A laboratory abiding by this set of guidelines has committed to a system of processes, procedures, and documentation that was created to ensure the integrity of claims on the dietary supplement’s label — in its identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity.

We have some amazing news for you: 4 more revolutionary ingredients in our new products!

HDP-CARB® (hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, generation R5) is a modified form of waxy maize that actually have 1.5 times higher molecular mass than waxy maze and lower GL than any existing carbohydrate supplement. The molecular mass of 2.200.500 daltons can provide very fast gastric emptying, makes it super efficiet for glycogen replenishing without the side effects of fast carbohydrates. The next part of the succes is increases resting energy expenditure and fat utilization. It does this by lowering a hormone called "glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide" that has been found to increase fat storage and lower the metabolism. This means HDP-Carb™ is first  thermogenic carbohydate because it increases your resting energy expenditure with 70% higher and increases the amount of fat calories that are burned. In other words, you'll actually raise your metabolism while burning more fat and replenishing glycogen. HDP-CARB® is the main ingredient found in our revolutionary intra-workout supplement: Intra-HD™. (release date: April, 2017)

Omega-3T® - We created absolutely superior fish oil form which is OMEGA-3T™. Our product have higher & faster absorption thant common Omega-3 Ethyl ester (EE) form on the market. Not all Omega-3 fish oil are the same, this why we use OMEGA-3T®  in trygliceride form and not Ethyl ester (EE): Absorption of Ethyl ester forms of omega-3 fatty acid supplements are more prevalent in the market because of the cost: they are cheaper to produce than OMEGA-3T® (triglyceride form). The industry created ethyl ester because they are a more malleable form than triglycerides. The main purpose of molecular distillation is to remove the industrial contaminants (heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs) present in the commodity fish oils most supplement makers use, and concentrate the omega-3 molecules, EPA and DHA. In this model sterility overshadows efficacy. Studies have shown that ethyl esters are the least bioavailable forms of omega-3’s compared to OMEGA-3T™ TG forms and/or whole fish. Once purification is complete through the micro distillation process why would the manufacturer leave them in an EE form – COST. Once purification is complete through the micro distillation process why would the manufacturer leave them in an EE form is about COST. The process to convert fish oil EEs back to TGs is costly. This is why Genius Nutrition, using OMEGA-3T® form which is converted back to trygliceride, the best final form. (release date: April, 2017)

SINY-FERA® - A very potent Indian plant which contains minimum ~7% withanolides. Wide variety of benefits that have been proven in human studies like increases testosterone levels, increase muscle strength, boosts muscle size and reduce stress hormone. Beyond reducing stress levels, ashwagandha can improve physical performance in both sedentary people and athletes, as well as reduce Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. SINY-FERA® is the main ingredient in our testosterone booster and hormone regulator - iTest™. (release date: April, 2017)

CARNIKORE® - Is nanopure quality L-Carnitine in the most advanced forms: Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine (GPLC) and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCR). CARNIKORE® allows you to generate and utlise all the energy within the body at a cellular level. Not only will your physical performance improve, so will your mental performance! It has also been shown to reduce fatigue and act as an appetite supressant, as well as benefit cognitive ability, memory and overall mood and well being. CARNIKORE® in the main ingredient found in our multi-stage fatburner Lipo-GN™. (release date: April, 2017)