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GeniusTM ISO-MILK 2000g

100% milk protein isolate

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ISO-MILK is premium 100% pure milk protein isolate with the superb protein blend:

20% Whey digests quickly sating hunger and starting to build muscle.  
80% Casein digests slowly, keeping you full and anabolic (building muscle) longer than a whey isolate alone.   
ISO-MILK contains very little fat, carbohydrates or lactose and can be used as a daily supplement for those who want to increase protein in their diet, to build muscle or even lose fat and maintain the muscle mass. ISO-MILK Isolate has very high amino acid composition including BCAAs that makes it ideal for use when you are looking to gain and mentain lean muscle mass. 


✔ 27 grams of premium milk protein isolate
✔ High BCAA level content 
✔ Supports lean muscle tissue, repair and protein intake
✔ Optimizes performance and post-workout recovery
✔ No added carbs or sugars
✔ Mixes fast/ Digests Fast
✔ Not added aminoacids

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