BIOTIN B7 60 tabs/60 serv
BIOTIN B7 60 tabs/60 serv

BIOTIN B7 60 tabs/60 serv

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Early silver locks and daily shedding could be indicative of low levels…

These could also reveal a lot about your health.

If you want longer and fuller hair and stronger nails, stop whatever you've been trying and get some Biotin right now.


Because Biotin gives evidence to men and women around the world.

Genius Nutrition® Biotin pure is a member of the group of vitamins called- B complexes. When it comes to gloss and freshness, the presence of a sufficient amount of this vitamin makes a difference. In addition to many beneficial effects on your body, it does wonders with hair, nails and will help you fix dry, irritated skin by regulating fatty acid metabolism. 

Unlike other biotin supplements that use synthetic isolates created wholly in a lab from industrial chemicals and solvents, Genius Nutrition® exclusively uses a naturally-based organic Biotin source. It is water extracted from 100% certified organic ingredients that give it its purity.

Although Biotin is one of the lesser-known B vitamins, it plays a significant role in several metabolic processes.

Biotin is vital in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from food. It is involved in fatty acid biosynthesis, energy production, and synthesis of some amino acids such as BCAA. Recent research suggests that Biotin could be significant in gene expression as well as in DNA replication. 

But we must not forget what brought you here. A confirmation that Biotin is an unavoidable ingredient in all your future beauty routine. 

You noticed your hair is looking thinner and duller, and your nails are short and brittle, and your skin...well, it is not as silky as it used to be?!

Biotin plays an essential role in synthesizing the primary keratin substance and ensures a firmer structure of nails and hair. 

Your' crying in the shower' days are over! 

Seeing how much hair you lose after every wash will make you think about Biotin. 

And the same goes for men and women.

You can't go wrong with Biotin because it will give your hair a unique chance for beauty and, you, a confidence boost. The Biotin Genius Nutrition® will provide you with thickness and length. There is some convincing evidence that suggests that when you fix a deficiency of this vitamin, the hair loss will grow back and become a healthy-looking again.

Shiny roots all the way down to the scalp!

By taking Biotin, your dry and frail hair that snapped a lot will gradually thicken and become incredibly resilient. You may also see and feel notable growth in each hair follicle's thickness in about 2-4 months. By the 6-7 month, your hair will start to get the shiny look, like you have that goopy wet shine gel all the time.

With Biotin the patience is key.

Although it's mostly genetically driven, premature graying also lacks a dietary component. 

Biotin participates in the synthesis of nucleic acids and folic acid activation and keeps the production levels of oxygen-rich red blood cells normalized.

Without folic acid, these cells could overproduce, resulting in pigmentation changes to the hair.

Biotin's benefits don't end with hair.

You are thinking about acrylic nails because you're tired of nail hardening creams and polishes?! With Biotin, you will feel like a lady just by looking at those long beautiful nails.

Just don't bite them.

A study in Brazil showed a benefit for brittle nails from a Biotin supplement. Nail growth increased by 12%, and the frequency of broken nails decreased by 42% compared to the period before biotin treatment.

Long, strong nails without fake layers.

Pure Biotin by Genius Nutrition is a gentle and nourishing form of whole food biotin that you can safely take even on an empty stomach. Since Vitamin B7 (Biotin) is known for an influx of energy, use it in the morning.

  • Stops hair shedding and premature graying 
  • It feeds the hair follicles and boosts growth
  • Protects your skin from acne, fungal infections, rashes, and severe dryness
  • Have nails that are strong, long, and don't band
  • 100% naturally occurring Biotin

  • What is inside?

    Biotin (naturally occurring) Vitamin B7 (1000uq); catalyze critical steps in the metabolism of fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. It also plays essential roles in histone modifications, gene regulation, and cell signaling.

    Recommended daily dose: 1 tablet with a large glass of water before sleep.

    Warning! Dietary supplements are only intended for healthy persons. Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children. This dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Consume preferably before the date indicated on the container. Store in a cool and dry place.






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