Fitness towel Genius Nutrition®

Fitness towel Genius Nutrition®

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The Genius Nutrition® fitness towel is the essential you need for any workout, made from 100% high-quality cotton.

With a density of 450 g/m² and dimensions of 47x90 cm, this towel not only proudly displays the Genius Nutrition® logo but also offers a series of remarkable features.
Designed to be antistatic and antibacterial, it ensures a hygienic and comfortable use experience. With quick-drying properties and superior absorption capacity, it is ideal for keeping you dry and comfortable. Soft and pleasant to the touch, the towel is perfect for sensitive skin, providing a pampering sensation after each use. Its durability ensures that you will be able to enjoy its exceptional qualities for a long time.

Choose the Genius Nutrition® fitness towel for a perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

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