If you are looking for a supplement to help you get better results in weight training, the best solution is beta-alanine.

It is a safe and effective supplement that offers significant benefits, improving performance, strength, and energy. You can't stand still! This supplement helps you build muscle mass and improve your physical performance, and in addition, slows down the onset of muscle fatigue.

Do you already know what it's about?
In general, beta-alanine belongs to the category of non-essential amino acids. However, from the point of view of those who want maximum results in weight training, beta-alanine is part of the group of absolutely essential amino acids for true performance. The popularity of beta-alanine is due to its activity as a precursor to carnosine, a dipeptide that significantly reduces muscle fatigue, accelerates recovery, and substantially contributes to increasing endurance during high-intensity activities.

The story of carnosine.
The main problem raised by intense muscle activity is related to the increase in acidity in muscle cells (H+, hydrogen ions), which leads to muscle fatigue. In short, muscle activity uses glycogen (energy reserves in muscles) = glycogen produces glucose = glucose produces lactic acid = causes an increase in hydrogen ion concentration = more hydrogen ions = higher muscle acidity = fewer opportunities to produce energy (use of glucose) = muscle fatigue!

This is where carnosine comes into play - CARNOGEN BETA-ALANINE from Genius Nutrition. Carnosine acts as a buffer, neutralizing muscle acidity (H+). Thus, it slows down the onset of muscle fatigue and accelerates recovery. It is important to mention that the "targets" of carnosine are type 2 (white) muscle fibers, which, as we know, are the most important for strength and explosion.

The effects of beta-alanine
Decreasing the pH in muscles leads to fatigue, affecting the quality of intense workouts. Beta-alanine has the ability to delay the onset of fatigue and contributes to regulating the pH level. So, if we increase the amount of beta-alanine available in the body, the level of carnosine in muscles increases, which is beneficial for performance. Studies have shown that beta-alanine has a maximum effect in the case of high-intensity activities or short, explosive movements, such as weightlifting, sprinting, or other activities that last between one and a few minutes.

Crossfit champion Mat Fraser talks about this in one of the latest episodes of the JRE podcast. He says that taking beta-alanine before training made him feel like he had a "third lung."Type 2 muscle fibers are used especially in intense workouts and have a greater potential to develop. Studies have shown that after four weeks of beta-alanine administration, carnosine reserves can increase by over 50%, and with regular administration for about three months, even by 80%. Increasing the amount of carnosine in muscles helps the body neutralize the effects of lactic acid, allowing you to train more and better. The product was created primarily to extend and improve intense workouts. Since they involve a high level of effort, taking this amino acid allows for reducing muscle pain during or after training, as well as between sets of exercises. Athletes who train at a very high level should take beta-alanine, a very important supplement, especially for bodybuilders and weightlifters. Certainly, beta-alanine is useful in other sports that involve a high level of strength and endurance, such as martial arts, swimming, rowing, etc. Since the presence of carnosine in the body is directly dependent on beta-alanine, administering it helps your body reach an optimal state.

Other benefits of beta-alanine
BETA-ALANINE has a strong antioxidant effect. It slows down protein degradation associated with the aging process, removes calcium from blood vessels, and regenerates connective tissue. All these arguments should be sufficient to include beta-alanine in your supplement list.There is evidence that beta-alanine has a positive effect on NO production, so, in addition to better pumping during training, it can contribute to cardiovascular health. Beta-alanine also has antioxidant properties (neutralization of free radicals), contributes to maintaining muscle mass in older people, and is involved in increasing the efficiency of the immune response.

Train more and better
A study showed that after taking beta-alanine supplements for four weeks, muscular endurance increased significantly during strength training. Additionally, taking beta-alanine supplements may delay the onset of neuromuscular fatigue.In addition, another potential effect of beta-alanine is related to muscle mass development. The recommended daily amount for increasing carnosine levels and substantially improving performance is 3.2-6.4 g. We recommend that you follow the indicated dosage and/or consult a nutritionist.

Taurine and beta-alanine
A common issue when it comes to combining supplements is related to TAURINE AND BETA-ALANINE. Many believe that these two amino acids compete for the use of transport systems (muscles, absorption, etc.), and that taking a higher dose of beta-alanine reduces the amount of taurine in the body.It is true that there are studies on these topics, but according to the latest ones, things are exactly the opposite. We recommend that you take TAURINE + BETA-ALANINE in combination, without any worries. Considering that taurine is predominant in type 1 muscle fibers, and beta-alanine in type 2 muscle fibers, synergistic effects can be achieved.In addition, there are recommendations for cyclic administration of beta-alanine (if taken alone): 6-9 weeks of administration, followed by 3-4 weeks of rest (during this period, taking taurine supplements is recommended).

How long does the effect of beta-alanine last?
It is important to remember that the "stores" of carnosine in the muscles do not decrease very quickly. It is considered that the level of carnosine decreases by about 2% over a two-week period, so it is maintained sufficiently.

The most common side effects
Paresthesia (tingling sensation) that occurs immediately after taking beta-alanine is caused by the stimulation of peripheral nerves. However, this is not dangerous because beta-alanine also has neuroprotective (antioxidant) properties. We know someone who almost fainted from laughter due to tingling in his testicles. But that's just an isolated case. Generally, the tingling sensation only occurs on the face. But for many, this is a sign that the weightlifter inside of them is coming to light. Of course, there are also people who do not experience this type of reaction to beta-alanine, which does not mean that the supplement does not work. The burning sensation can be alleviated by adding carbohydrates (refined dextrose, maltodextrin).

Generally, in the first 5-7 days, it is recommended to administer 6-10 g of beta-alanine, divided into 2-3 doses, preferably before and after training. After the initial "loading" period, 3-5 g will be administered, divided into 2 doses, before and after training. It takes about two weeks to truly enjoy the effects of beta-alanine. Be patient, because it will be worth it.

HERE you can find a list of Genius Nutrition products containing beta-alanine.

In conclusion... Zero complications, zero stomach problems. And that miserable feeling after training disappears too. Very simple. Mix with water and, in 5-10 minutes, you feel tingling on your skin and you are ready to lift weights. You will especially like it because it feels like a pre-workout. If you feel like you need an extra boost of energy, drink an espresso or coffee or take a caffeine pill and you are ready to get to work.