Is your man into fitness? Then you should know this | Fitness addict's best gifts 

Choosing a valuable and suitable women/men's gift is not easy. Considering what to give as a present, we first pay attention to the person's hobbies, interests, and professional activities. 

Of course, everyone has their own algorithm for choosing a women/men's gift, but one way or another, to select a suitable gift, you should focus on the hobbies. 

If the birthday person is close to sports and fitness, then you should not forget that athletes are people with strong character, determined views, and interests. 

How do you choose fitness addicts best gifts?

When you are wondering what you can present to a sportsman for his birthday, it is essential to focus on the following factors: 

The type of sport that the birthday person plays; age; hobbies. 


Carefully think about what to give a fitness addict for his birthday 

The first thing that comes to mind when choosing a fitness addict's best gift is sports equipment. 

But, unfortunately, this idea is not always successful. Firstly, if a person has been doing some kind of sport for a long time, he already has all the necessary equipment... maybe!

Second, good sports equipment costs a lot of money and may not be affordable. 

Also, we do not recommend the presentation of food and alcohol. Athletes are people who carefully monitor what they eat and drink. Various nutritional supplements and sports nutrition are in demand today, but they should not be chosen as a gift unless you know what they use daily.

Various mugs, glasses, and pillows made in a sports theme will be silly and tedious. 

So the women/men's gift that will be relevant is - accessories for sports.


What to give an athlete man? 

What can you choose as a gift for a man who does not do sports professionally but does CrossFit, bodybuilding, and goes to the gym? 

When choosing a sports gift for an athlete man, we recommend that you pay attention to the following: 

- Sneakers for people who play sports are a part of the wardrobe that wears out quickly, so they will be a good gift. 

- Subscription to the spa for a wellness massage or sauna. 

- Dedicated T-shirt

- If your man is careful about his diet, give him a nice and stylish lunch box. 

- Quality sports bag or sports backpack - a wonderful gift. 

- Does your man like iron? Then unusual weights or dumbbells made in the form of mythological creatures or some animal will be a great gift. 

- Health vitamins (Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, D3, Zinc, Immuno X5)

- Gift certificate for post-lifting massages

- Cook him a high-protein meal


The gift doesn't have to be something he will see and use daily. A present can also be a feeling that he will cherish. Maybe even for a lifetime. 

You can choose an active gift for an athlete:

  • A skydive
  • A certificate for a diving lesson
  • Maybe a joint trip to the mountains with climbing equipment

It can be anything, and the most important thing is that it matches your man's interests and gives him new emotions and sensations.


Birthday gifts for sports girl 

If you are looking for a gift for a sports girl for her birthday, choose one of the following options: 

- Fitness trackers are pretty popular today and are not cheap, so they will make a good gift. 

- Sports branded clothing. Which of the girls can refuse a stylish set of sportswear? A   sports leotard or bodysuit, new leggings - that's what you can give a gymnast for her birthday. 

Shaker and a tub of protein.

- Every girl will appreciate a subscription to the spa for a relaxing massage. 

- Quality sports bag or sports backpack.


  • Get her a blender! It will decrease her meal prep time.
  • Exercise-designed headphones
  • Instead of a traditional bouquet of flowers, give the athlete an edible bouquet. For example, from vegetables or fruits, and maybe from dried fruits. It looks very cool and will not wither in a day. The birthday girl will eat it for the benefit of the body.


Usually, the bodybuilding lifestyle also has a significant cooking/food prep component. Don't neglect that! A nice pot to cook rice in, a new baking sheet for a week's worth of chicken breasts, utensils, a food scale, mixed nuts/almonds (those are expensive and something you hate buying for yourself)...

A book will be a good option if we are talking specifically about gifts for an athlete for the birthday. It can be unique sports literature or memoirs of a birthday sports idol. 

Of course, you should pay attention to the book's quality: it should be noticeable, preferably hardcover and on quality paper.

You could get him Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. It would be an excellent addition to a lovely coffee table.

And if you're looking for a good book for a fitness girl, then you should look for 'No Sweat; by Michelle Segar.


In the end ...

Athletes are extraordinary people, and sometimes choosing a gift for a celebration in their honor becomes an impossible task. 

It should be noted that when choosing a fitness adicts best gifts, it is worth considering that athletes are people with an already established lifestyle. Such guys (and there are a lot of girls among them) are very active, always one step ahead, always strive to learn something new, and conquer unknown peaks. 

That's why a gift to an athlete should be suitable for their restless nature.

Whatever gift you choose for an athlete, the main thing is attention and love that go hand in hand. But in the end, it will mean a lot to them that you are supportive of their bodybuilding lifestyle.

But if you still can't decide what to buy, send us a message on and we can give you a suggestion.


Happy birthday