PROTEIN-F5 2000g
PROTEIN-F5 2000g

PROTEIN-F5 2000g

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Protein-F5 by Genius Nutrition® - Multi-Fusion Protein Complex for Optimal Results!

Protein-F5 by Genius Nutrition is a high-quality blend that combines 5 types of proteins to provide a complete amino acid profile and support the nutritional needs of those looking to build and maintain muscle mass. This versatile product is an excellent solution for athletes, bodybuilders, and those looking to improve their overall health and physical performance.


Whey protein concentrate - a fast source of proteins and amino acids, perfect for muscle recovery after intense workouts. Milk protein - a slow-release protein source that helps maintain muscle mass throughout the day. Soy protein isolate - a high-quality plant-based protein source, containing all essential amino acids and supporting muscle recovery and growth. Egg protein isolate - an excellent source of high biological value proteins, contributing to the development and repair of muscle tissues. Pea protein isolate - a hypoallergenic plant-based protein source, ideal for individuals with food sensitivities.

Protein-F5 is rich in BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and essential amino acids, crucial for protein synthesis and maintaining muscle health and function. This high-quality protein blend, combined with an excellent amino acid profile, makes Protein-F5 an outstanding choice to support your fitness goals.

Usage recommendations: Mix one serving of Protein-F5 with 250-350 ml of water or milk and consume immediately after a workout or between meals to support protein and amino acid needs. This product is suitable for all types of diets, including vegetarians, and can be used in combination with other supplements to maximize results.

With Protein-F5 by Genius Nutrition, you can enjoy the benefits of 5 types of proteins in a single convenient product, helping you achieve your performance and health goals. Try Protein-F5 today and feel the difference it can make in your active life!

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