The Evolution of 5 SUPPLEMENTS you should be taking if you're a gym member

The Evolution of 5 SUPPLEMENTS you should be taking if you're a gym member

You can't run without walking.

You can't build your muscle without resting.

And you sure can't progress without the right supplements.

Are you struggling to reach your full potential?

Are you looking for something really effective?

Then don't pass these.

These are 2.0 versions, just like you are streaming to become every time you enter a gym.



The leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The optimal breakdown of the 2:1:1 ratio.

BCAAs leucine is the most effective. It plays a vital role in developing muscle cells and can also increase the insulin level, stimulate protein synthesis, and produce growth hormone.

When you take BCAA, they first come to the liver. The liver immediately breaks them down and could use them as "fuel" if there is no other energy production source.

But, the liver knows the difference.

BCAAs are an exception and liver send them directly to the muscles to later be used for building muscles, that is, regeneration. Muscles can (unlike other amino acids) use BCAA directly.

Thanks to that, during training, BCAA's provide energy to the muscles, and after the workout, they build muscle cells during rest.


BCAA-X5® before and after training provides a better and faster regeneration with a lower level of discomfort. These are BCAAs with L-Citrulline, Vitamin B6, Glutamine, and natural electrolyte extracts extracted from coconut water.

Add one scoop (12g) before workout with 250ml water. Non-workout days: one scoop (12g) between meals.


If you're already taking BCAA powder pre-workout formula with no caffeine, you'll like this one because it will give you an extra boost.

Like creatine, taurine binds water to muscle cells, which increases their volume and strength. For those who want to increase muscle mass and strength, this is excellent news because increased hydration in the muscles increases protein synthesis, and what you feel first is a fantastic feeling of "pump."

Many people know taurine as an ingredient in energy drinks and mislabel it as a stimulant, which is a great untruth! Taurine is an "inhibitory" neurotransmitter in our brain, along with GABA.



Taurine is a specialized amino acid that is important for strength and endurance. It will also help you start your day and keep you going, giving you more focus and mental energy. You can prep your day and workout also with BCAA 811, Fury Extreme, Warcry, Warcry Energy, and Intra-HD.


In our opinion, it's one of the essential ingredients for pre-workout.

Clean and quality, no flaws.

Studies have shown that L-citrulline is a better form of supplementation than L-arginine. It increases the bioavailability of both L-citrulline and L-arginine in the systemic circulation, without increasing urea excretion, and can improve your NO balance.

And this means for you: muscle strength, aerobic ability, and mental capacity.

Due to the production of NO, it enhances the dilation of blood vessels, and because of that, you have a 'pump' that lasts.


In a word, 100% pure Citruline by GENIUS NUTRITION® enables the improvement of sports performance, especially in endurance.

Add 1-2 scoops of Citrulline powder to your shaker. This will deliver 3 grams of L-Citrulline through your body to boost blood flow and help you power through those last tough reps.


What is the purpose of isotonic drinks?

  • Compensation for lost fluid
  • Compensation for lost key electrolytes (Na, K, Sodium)
  • Restoration of carbohydrate reserves in muscles (glycogen)
  • Improving overall physical and mental performance in serious athletes

Isotonic drinks have the same osmolarity as blood plasma due to which are ideal for quick replacement of lost fluid. One of the essential characteristics of these drinks is the speed of recovery of lost fluid and accelerated recovery from exertion.


Genius Nutrition® GlycoGex represents a real breakthrough in carbohydrate technology. It contains vital electrolytes, high class Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD), and Citrulline Malate. You will increase performance to massive levels while limiting any gastrointestinal distress.


While you may be taking some caffeine pre-workout to kick-start your session, adding some caffeine intra-workout can help prolong this energy.

Caffeine is the most popular central nervous system stimulant and is an ideal means of increasing energy and strength during the most intense workouts.

Its effect is felt about half an hour after taking it. The stimulating effect is similar to the ephedra effect because it increases concentration several times and gives the body a real boost to overcome various efforts, even mental ones, with the difference that caffeine is not a forbidden substance in most sports.

Caffeine acts at the cellular level, but also prolongs the time of optimal action of cells.


Caffeine by GENIUS NUTRITION offsets the natural decrease in strength that occurs during morning workouts compared to afternoon/evening workouts, which is a valuable benefit for those who prefer to train earlier in the day. You can take one capsule (200mg) before training with a glass of water.


Regardless of your level, a lot has been done in terms of better access to athletes and recreationists and meeting their needs in nutrition.

Genius Nutrition® is supported by scientific research in sports nutrition. These studies have led to the evolution of new and more efficient products and supplements for a balanced diet essential for maintaining athletes' and recreationists' health.

At the same time, it is a necessary factor in increasing performance.

If you like how your body feels after using some of these supplements, consider using a super intra-workout charge Intra-HD.

This intra-workout supplement contains the majority of these crucial ingredients in one single scoop.

The Intra-HD pre-workout is designed to increase strength and endurance and provide you with sufficient energy during your workout. Compared to other similar products, it provides you with constant energy throughout the workout, even if it's longer than 120 minutes.

This is absolutely a new generation of professional intra-workout and glycogen repletion supplements that effectively stop catabolism, increase lean muscle mass recovery, and provide a new hardcore performance level.

In like manner, Intra-HD has the right dosage of caffeine to make you feel energized when hitting the gym, without making you feel sickly awake.

In the end...

Genius Nutrition's® most famous products are refreshing isotonic drinks, bars and products for increasing performance.

These are the products that will improve rehydration, energy, recovery and replenishment of essential nutrients, which are of great importance for every gym member outthere, especially if you're a serious athlete.

And ones that you can trust.