About us

Genius Nutrition® was founded with the motivation to fusion all best technologies in one premium class brand. Genius Nutrition® brand means a combination of science, best technology, ingredients and innovation, and high-end, premium products. 
Genius Nutrition® technologists abide by a set of principles which are the pillars of our brand:
We are aware that only the best formulation gives the best results. Innovation in the world of food technology is our priority. Genius Nutrition formulations are based only on the best synergistically acting ingredients. We are constantly researching and analyzing modern methods to obtain bioavailable active ingredients that can effectively induce specific physiological effects. We focus primarily on natural sources, as we believe that nature has a huge potential which is yet to be discovered. Our plant extracts are highly concentrated and of exceptional quality. The plant material is not genetically modified and is free of herbicides. Whenever possible, we avoid synthetic amino acids in favor of organic amino acids obtained by natural fermentation processes. Genius Nutrition protein supplements are based on whey obtained by natural filtration CFW®, without ion exchange, and do not contain genetically modified organisms. We have an uncompromising approach to the quality of our ingredients and we take care of every detail.
We are constantly improving our formulations, according to our motto: "The Best or Nothing". Genius Nutrition product range may undergo dynamic changes, in accordance with the latest scientific research and discoveries. When a superior product is available, it replaces the existing equivalent product in our offer.
All Genius Nutrition products have a marketing authorization in the European Union, India and non-EU countries, and are manufactured in accordance with widely recognized quality (GMP), and food safety (HACCP) standards. We created also NANOPURE (internal quality system), which means is allowed to use only the purest raw material ingredients for all our products.
Our best results are accompanied by sophisticated taste attributes. We attach great importance to the creation of tasty blends which combine natural flavors from dried fruit and safe sweeteners according to European Food Safety Authority. Each blend is selected on an individual basis so as to add a pleasant taste experience to the nutritional benefits of our products.