Refund policy

You have the right to cancel and return your order (or a part of it) without having to give us a specific reason.

Returning your order
In case you decide to return any product you purchased at our shop then make sure to let us know within 14 days after you received that specific product. In case the 14th day is not a working day you have until the next first working day to inform us about your decision.

Please shoot an email to to let us know you decided to return the order. Either fill in and attach our return form (which you can request by email) to your email or just mention the following details in your email:

  • Item(s) you like to return (just state ‘all’ if you wish to return your entire order).
  • Order date
  • Date received
  • Name (make sure this is the name on which the order was placed).

After receiving a confirmation from our end you have 14 days to ship back the product. The product itself does not have to be received by us within those 14 days as long as you can proof that you have shipped the order within those first 14 days.

  • Please ship the order to the address below.
  • When shipping the return please make sure to ask for a shipping confirmation from your shipping company.
  • Please ship back the return items in the original packaging.

We will refund your order amount within 14 days after receiving the returned goods. There are a couple cautions:

  • Please be aware that when the returned product is part of a larger order we do not refund the initial shipping costs.
  • We refund standard shipping rates only. Also when you have chosen express delivery we will still refund the standard rate.
  • Costs for returning the parcel will not be refunded. We will refund your amount on the same way you made the payment (for example. but not limited to. credit card. PayPal or gift card). An exception can be made when you have agreed to us to refund the amount in another way.
  • Please be aware that you could be held responsible for value decrease if a product is clearly damaged due to carelessness on your end.

Can all items be returned no matter what?
All products that are intact, complete, undamaged and unused can be returned. Please be aware of the following:

  • Supplements may only be returned unopened. seal intact due to food safety reasons.
  • Underwear may only be returned in unopened packaging, seal intact, due to hygiene reasons.
  • Clothing must be intact with labels still attached.
  • Only items purchased through this website can be returned. Genius Nutrition products bought at another retail point must be returned to that specific retailer.

Returning Damaged Goods
Please send back the order to the return address mentioned below.

Please make sure to send us a confirmation that you shipped the order. This can be done by email to

After we received your order we will either refund your order or send you a new parcel to replace the damaged goods within 2-4 business days. In case your order is refunded we will refund the entire order amount including your return costs within 2 business days* after receiving your return shipment. Business days are Monday till Friday.

Please understand that when the returned product is part of a larger order we do not refund the initial shipping costs.

*Keep in mind that, depending on your bank and payment provider, it may take a couple extra days before the refunded amount actually shows up in your account balance.