iGLUTAMINE 450g/55 serv
iGLUTAMINE 450g/55 serv
iGLUTAMINE 450g/55 serv

iGLUTAMINE 450g/55 serv

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iGlutamine by Genius Nutrition® is obtained through a 100% natural fermentation method. The production cost is much higher, but the quality and results are unbeatable! Additionally, iGlutamine is the purest form of L-glutamine that you can buy, coming from natural, non-GMO sources without impurities.


Inulin, also known as a fructan, acts as a prebiotic, feeding "beneficial" bacteria in the gut and supporting its health. In the magical world of the intestine, inulin transforms into short-chain fatty acids, which have wonderful effects on the colon and the entire body.

In the heart of nature, many plants and fruits hide a precious secret: inulin, a wonderful soluble fiber that our body welcomes with open arms. Inulin is more than an energy source for these plants; it is a true elixir of human health.

Inulin brings satisfaction and control in the fight against unhealthy cravings, keeping you satiated and energized. It slows down digestion, supports nutrient absorption, and controls blood sugar. Inulin also acts as a shield against cholesterol, nourishes beneficial intestinal flora, and combats constipation, ensuring exceptional digestive health.

Last but not least, inulin is associated with a reduced risk of cancer. With inulin, you have the secret to a healthy and active life.

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. There are many factors that can dramatically increase the demand for L-Glutamine in the human body, including muscle recovery, immune support, and gastrointestinal health.

iGlutamine increases cellular volume and protein synthesis, reduces protein degradation, optimizes the immune system, and promotes muscle growth after exertion.

Supplementing with L-Glutamine significantly reduces the recovery period.

iGlutamine assists in cell hydration, improving volume and reducing recovery time from sports activities or intense workouts. Muscle catabolism caused by intense training is more effectively stopped by this very important amino acid.


Builds muscle mass faster Prevents muscle catabolism Maintains cell volume and hydration Repairs muscles faster Slows down the aging process Maintains gastrointestinal health 100% Natural Fermented 100% Vegan


➠ On training days: Mix 1 scoop in a glass or shaker with 200ml of water. For optimal use, take it between meals, before training, and/or immediately after training.
➠ On rest days: Mix 1 scoop in a glass or shaker with 200ml of water and take it in the morning and between the main meals of the day.

Warning! All supplements are recommended exclusively for healthy individuals. They are not to be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep out of the reach of children. The use of this dietary supplement does not replace a normal and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Consume preferably before the end of the period mentioned on the packaging. Store in a dry and cool place. Allergens! Manufactured with equipment that processes products containing active ingredients derived from milk, eggs, and soy.

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