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The liquid motivation that keeps you going

The year is 1982, Venice Beach, California. A strange orange drink is being passed around.

The local bodybuilders whisper about it like it's a holy pre-workout grail for anyone training...

The year is 2020, and the whole bodybuilding world knows its name – Warcry! 

Now, as a pre-workout carbonated drink, Warcry 330ml.



Hey, you asked...

We answered!

You are familiar with its power?! 

And again, you are also familiar with that that Genius Nutrition® has never let you down.

Especially if you feel sluggish, have an improper pre-race fueling, decreased motivation, decreased mental focus, fear of missing out, or just can't get your lazy ass to prepare yourself a proper work-out shake.

Warcry energy drink is a ready-made canned pre-workout beverage for increased focus and energy and many more.

Yes, pre-workout carbonated drinks do actually work as long as the product is formulated properly. A pre work-out drink will allow you to do more work during your chosen work-out than you would be able to do without it.

It contains ingredients that provide energy, provides focus, and intense muscle pumps. 

Like Beta-Alanine, an amino acid that increases muscles' explosive strength, improves muscle endurance and allows for more intense and more prolonged work-outs. 

And with L-Citruline malate, Taurine, L-Theanine...to name a few, you can't miss it. 

Thanks to the liquid form, the body can quickly and easily absorb all the beneficial ingredients.

This won't replace your typical pre-workout, but in a pinch, in the morning is perfect or to get you going when you're on the hunt for energy.

But it won't disappoint.

You will notice a marked difference in the ability to focus on tasks at hand besides SUSTAINED energy. Maybe, you will feel odd because of that much caffeine (almost 200mg) in a single can. But, it won't leave you a jolt of energy but more with mental and physical focused energy. 

No obvious crashes either.

Although this is a pre-workout beverage, it may help you reduce lactic acid build-up in the muscles and help with recovery after strenuous work-outs.

No mixing, no work, no thought, except remembering to get them in the fridge to chill. Then, of course, there's that mega energy burst that comes from chugging the equivalent of a couple of cups of good strong coffee.

Are you feeling a little ambivalent? Thinking about blowing off leg day? Just get a cold can of Warcry energy drink from the fridge and head out! Finish the can to banish the no-can-do attitude.

With zero sugar, zero fat, and zero protein, you will appreciate the 0 calories aspect. 

And it comes in cherry-cinnamon flavor.

  • It is loaded with 3g of Beta-alanine
  • Contains strong caffeine, 200mg/can
  • Added 4000mg of Citrulline for better pumps
  • Pocket size traveling kit pre-workout supplement
  • It's much faster, stronger and durable than coffee 

What is inside?

Carbonated filtered water

L-Citrulline malate plays a vital role in vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels). Namely, after the citrulline intake, most of it is converted into another amino acid - arginine, which is further converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes the smooth muscles around blood vessels, causing them to expand and resulting in better blood flow.

Beta-Alanine helps convert protein into lean muscle. Besides, it may help reduce lactic acid build-up in the muscles and help with recovery after strenuous workouts. It may also help support the nervous system and brain.

Taurine is a unique amino acid that is important for muscle resistance and strength. As a result of the exercises, the taurine level decreases, thus reducing the load capacity.

L-Theanine helps promote wakeful relaxation that is ideal for transcending physical limitations.

Malic acid plays an essential role in the Krebs cycle, which is an energy-producing sequence. Because of its evident relationship to energy depletion during exercise, malic acid may benefit you.

Caffeine (200mg/can) acts as a stimulant, and its purpose is primarily to reduce the feeling of fatigue, both physical and intellectual. Caffeine stimulates the production of catecholamines, and the release of adrenaline from the adrenal gland increases the state of alertness and vitality.

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